Most common things that were said to me when told I was planning on having a natural childbirth:

1. “Ya right! You say that now!! JUST. WAIT!”
2. “Thats what they all say before the pain starts.”
3. “Good luck with that!”
4. “Psh, thats what my so and so said, but then once they got there it was a different story.”
5. “Just get the EP. You wont regret it.”

Well ladies!! I am here to tell you this. You CAN do it! I had a 7 hour labor with 2 hours of pushing and not even once did I want an EP. If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. In all honesty I am so glad I did it natural. It was so empowering to me. I was more proud of myself in that moment then I had ever been before. When Mr. Cheeks was put onto my chest, I said numerous times out loud, “I did it babe! I did it!” It was magical.