I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash by calling my child an asshole – but I just calls it likes I sees it.

It started at 1:30am. Fussy and then laughter. Not quite the asshole yet. I was able to get him back to sleep thank god. In the clear you say? Nope. 4:30am awake again. I put him in bed with me where he begins to just slap my face the whole time… And claw me with his raptor claws (I swear I have to trim those things twice a week). Asshole? No not quite –
Finally at 5am I get up (did I mention we just had the time change…. So my body is still at 4am?) and get his bottle ready. I start to feed him and what does he do?!! Fall asleep. Mid feed. I know what you’re thinking… Asshole? No not yet.

So now I’m awake and it’s too late for me to go to back to bed, so I’m watching tv. He is next to me peacefully sleeping – looking adorable – so I give him a little kiss on his forehead… And he scowls!!!! Straight up sleep mean mug?