After a long night of teething fussiness, we are finally awake this morning. The air is crisp, the sun is out, the cats are finally happy with food, and I have my coffee…. My sweet sweet coffee………..
Anyways, Brandon has the feeding shift this morning and everything seems to be going fairly smooth. He finishes, burps him, and starts playing with the now happy, Mr. Cheeks. So where does this story turn do you ask? With one kiss. Mr. Cheeks gives his I want kisses face and so Brandon brings him in to give him kisses…. And that’s when Mr. Cheeks changed…. In a blink of an eye… He had spit up all over Brandon’s face! Soooooo close to hitting the ol mouth. This isn’t when he becomes the asshole – it’s when he turns around to look at me with the most devilish- problem child look and giggles! He knew what he was doing….. He knew…..