Good lord it has been a busy April and May! I have been so busy it’s unreal! I finished up a fantastic show with Bohemian Burlesque in April (which I have a post coming shortly… Just waiting for some pictures) and then the weekend after I was in a tattoo pageant (didn’t place in the pageant, but took 2nd and 3rd for the tattoo competition), then I went to Vegas with my best friend for Mother’s Day weekend, I joined a new burlesque group which I’m super stoked about – The Whiskey sirens and I have been working with them on their Facebook and then now rehearsing for our first show…. Finally I have slowed down. All I have on my plate is work and The Whiskey Sirens and my family! Hopefully I will tend to this blog every week as I originally intended!

Brandon has been pretty busy as well! He has completely secured our home with the finest security system around… He’s been kind of geekin out with it which has been adorable. He has also showed great progress with his BBQ skills and has voiced interest in eventually starting a company! I’m all for it…. Especially if it involves me being the taste tester 😉

Cheeks has a new babysitter now.. Which at first was extremely difficult for me.. But as the weeks go on I am really happy with the new adjustment. She has been giving him a lot of one on one time and trying to help us with his development and I have really been seeing a difference. Cheeks is also happy which makes me happy!

We got a new dog.. Her name is Maggie and she is amazing. I have not really gone public about our new member only because I am still having a hard time with the fact I had to give our last dog away due to my issues I had when I first had Cheeks. We felt that I was finally ready and we found the perfect dog! She is a german Shepherd… Though I’m pretty sure she is either mixed with something or a Belgian Shepherd. We got her from the pound… Fully command trained, potty trained, cat friendly, baby friendly…. I mean score?! The introduction with the kitties was timid at first.., but now they all love each other!

Karloff and Nyx are still driving us up the damn wall! But it’s not just us anymore.. It’s Maggie too. They fuck with Maggie all of the time and try and get her in trouble lol they want her to chase them.. But then they realize how big she is and get scared haha it’s hilarious.. Oh… And I’m pretty sure Karloff thinks Maggie is his girlfriend… It’s an adorable romance of two unimaginable companions.

That’s a general quick update on us 🙂