I am a creature of habit.. I have been for the longest time and it takes a minute for me to jump into a new routine… Add baby and I’m lost.
I have no memory… I stop mid sentence… I’m like mom brain to a T.
I’ll make this one short and simple and get to the point here..
I didn’t realize until recently that Cheeks was supposed to be eating solids 3 times a day.. Oh ya… rookie move Kayla… Rookie move. The days and months go by so fast and I just wasn’t thinking and with my busy life I missed the point where I am supposed to google when my son should eat solids and blah blah blah. It wasn’t until a convo with my best friend that I realized. “Oh when I was feeding Jamison breakfast..” ……….. Wait…. What? Breakfast? Fuck… Is Aiden supposed to be eating breakfast? Oh ya. He was. hahaha needless to say he went from one time a day to 3 the following day. He’s much happier now!
We all have our moments 😉

Written with my iPhone… Sometimes my fingers are drunk… Often my phone can’t translate.