Brandon and I really wanted to make sure that Mr. Cheeks was getting the absolute best food that he could possibly get. Breast feeding was number 1 on our list, and then I was planning on making his food myself. Because my milk dried up a LOT sooner than I had planned, we had to figure out next best thing and did a lot of research on formulas. Not only did we do research on the quality, but pricing as well. Formula is not cheep and it goes extremely fast. I also looked into making my own homemade formula – but that was just way too time consuming for me and I had to be realistic about the time I honestly could and wanted to (..just being real.. some things I just don’t want to do out of pure laziness) spend on making formula and now food. I really wanted to make baby food.. but after two weeks I just realized that time could be better spent somewhere else.

So I have for you two of our favorite organic brands we have been using!

Baby’s Only Organic Formula

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I absolutely love this formula for many reasons! 

– It DOESN’T SMELL! Seriously I don’t know what they use in the other formula, but it smells horrible.
– It is easy to clean – Doesn’t clump in the water
– Better and natural ingredients.. duh that’s why we get it!
– Cheaper then other formulas
– Mr. Cheeks LOVES it – most important.

The only con I have with this formula is that you cannot buy it in stores and must order online
BUT I get it for sometimes half the price.

Normal Price Difference:
12.4 oz SImilac (@Wally World) – $15.78
12.7 oz Babys Organic $9.59 w/ free shipping
This last order we made – we got 10 cans for $7.79 per piece. They normally get here within 2-3 days.

You can purchase this at

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

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Honestly there are a million great organic baby food brands out there, but the reason we like this the most is because we seem to always find awesome deals at (surprise) Babies R Us. We have always gotten 20 for $10 or 2 cases (of 10) for $16.
As I said, here are soo many great organic brands out there! Try them out! If you know of other smoking deals, share them below so we can all keep track!

Xo Kayla