Hey KS moms reading this! I greatly appreciate you stopping by and keeping up with Mr. Cheeks process!

Not a lot of the symptoms have changed from the first post as far as attitude and what not. I have noticed that with the shots, it allows Cheeks to really take those milestones head on. What I mean by that is within about two weeks of his shot he was crawling instantly. There was really no down time to learn and practice.
His peepee had grown and we were very excited about that!

Other then that there was really nothing to updated as far as the shot is concerned.
I will however say that I am extremely glad we made the decision to get it for him. I can tell its helping his development immensely, not just his penis.

I do however worry about what is going to happen in the next 6 months (that’s when our next appointment and without shots). I feel the shots have really helped with his mental development and I would hate for him to take a step back. We will just have to monitor it.

I am still keeping a log on his milestones as well as any weird twitches and stimulatory rituals he has been doing. It’s really hard for me to keep a balance between watching for Autism and not tracking typical baby things. At this point I am tracking everything, and if he is never diagnosed with any form of ASD, then we will have this nice notebook of silly things he used to do to share when he is older. That is totally fine with me!

This post is kind of scattered everywhere, sorry haha
I have a couple more KS posts that I am going to write today so keep watch!

xo Kayla