Today Mr. Cheeks is 9 months old… which means that in just 3 months we will be celebrating his 1st birthday.

As I am sure some of you can relate – before Cheeks.. I was THAT girl.. the girl who completely talked some major shit about THOSE moms who threw these huge elaborate, giant, waste of money parties for their child’s one year birthday. I would look at these pictures of a million balloons, giant bouncy houses, ginormous cakes and just throw my nose up in the air like..*sigh*

Well… ladies.. the time has come where I eat my words and shake my head and just whisper in disappointment to my past self, “I know..”
But let’s be honest..there is absolutely no way in hell that I am NOT going to have a fucking giant party. 
I view this whole first birthday thing a little differently now. I mean of course this new bundle of delight is seriously my pride, joy, and my whole life. But at the same time I think that the first birthday is also a celebration for the parents.. I mean, this whole parenting thing isn’t a walk in the park. Your whole life changes. Your relationship with your partnership changes. The way you look at friends changes. So I say, the first birthday is also a celebration of making it through the first fucking year keeping everyone alive, keeping yourself sane, and realizing that we are going to make it. 

That all being said, it’s time to plan this thing. I have 3 months and I am NOT doing it like my baby shower and getting everything put together like two weeks before the big day…..Really though we have to strategically think about this.. because.. listen guys.. we have 18 of these to accomplish… I can’t have his first birthday be the end all of his birthdays.. I have to be able to top the next year.. it’s got to be big enough to be awesome,  but small enough to get better every year.
And picking out a theme for the party has to be really planned as well. Cheeks is an October baby… soooo duh. themed costume party.. given right? NO. I cant have a super hero costume party when he is one, and then again later on… this year has to be generic and easy… I would rather see him in a cute super hero costume when he is a little older and can run around and seriously think he IS that super hero…..

sigh… I’m soo THAT mom…