If you are reading this blog, you are probably searching for an answer to how you can lose your baby weight, your baby belly, and how to get your body back.
I am asked constantly how I lost my weight, what I eat, and what I do to work out. So here you go ladies… here are my thoughts on losing your weight.

1. Dedication: Ask yourself how dedicated you are. Do you know what it takes to lose 40 lbs? Baby weight or not, you have to be dedicated to hit your main goal.  Right now, I cannot dedicate myself to working out 5 days a week.. and I am ok with that. That only means my main goal is going to take a little longer to accomplish.. and THAT’S OK. Be real with yourself.

2. Patience: We cannot expect our body to just shrink or transform over night.. Expect 3-6 months to notice a difference in your body, emotions, and energy level.

3. Forget numbers on the scale.. you know what? just throw that thing away: This was huge for me. When I became pregnant, I lost almost all muscle I had spent years building. MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT…. I have maintained he same weight for 4 months – though I have lost inches… and that is because I am rebuilding that muscle. What is that number really doing for me anyways? It doesn’t mean fucking anything. Fuck the scale.

4. Change your relationship with food: Losing weight, does NOT mean don’t eat. You want to know how I dropped 65 lbs in 4 months after having my son? I ate. And A LOT. Your body needs to be fueled. Would you fill up your tank with $5 of gas to drive 50 miles? Ya no. How are you going to go through a whole day, plus working out on only 1000 calories a day? Right now I eat about 1900-2000 Calories.  Eat god dammit EAT! AND DRINK FUCKING WATER. Seriously just do it.
You want to know how I was able to change my relationship with food? Flexible dieting. Interested in not feeling guilty about having donuts every day? Here are some great links for you to check out!Flexible Dieting Manual by Kyle Hunt : http://www.kylehuntfitness.com/flexibledietingmanual/
How to form a healthy relationship with food by Christina Hartman: http://www.kylehuntfitness.com/how-to-form-a-healthy-relationship-with-food/
My Favorite Trainers website: http://kmaecags.com

5. Love yourself: “Energy flows, where attitude goes.” One of the best quotes I have ever heard and to this day live by. Positivity and a positive outlook on yourself is key to this whole process. We have this awesome ability to create another human being… how fucking cool is that?

Hopefully this helps some of you