It’s a parent’s worse nightmare. It stops you in your tracks and sends shivers up your spine and tingles down to your toes. You’re just standing in the middle of a dark and empty living room stunned in fear. After a second of silence, you start to continue on your original path. It happens again and this time your heart is pumping faster than before. You try and make sense of it, but there is just no explanation.
“……. Demons…… “you think to yourself very.. very dramatically.
That toy has not been touched for hours.. my mother brought this toy.. its from a garage sale… everyone knows what happens with certain garage sale toys………………….Demonic. possession.
Do you go turn it off? Of course you don’t! You have ran back to your room and jumped to your bed from 4 feet away because god forbid the demon has morphed through the walls and has now manifested under the bed to grab your ankles and take you into the underworld where all the demons have plotted to murder you. Can’t risk it.
After about 2 hours of completely freaking yourself and continuously seeing shadow figures in the dark, you have finally fallen asleep. Dream land isn’t so bad at this point; casual and dreamy.
The baby starts to move and you hear him through the monitor. “OH GOD NO!”…. by now you are long gone from dreamland and right back to fear island. Lying on your back with the covers over your face imagining the second when you hear ‘that’ voice come through the monitor.
Contemplating for a couple minutes whether or not you should go to the nursery……

Eh. I can be mom of the year next year..