One year. I survived a whole year of being a new mom. Below are some of the more important things you might learn your first year of being a new parent..

1. Mom brain is no joke: I swear there are times where I just lay my head down in shame at some of the things I do, say, or not do. I have driven all the way to work with Cheeks still in the car, bypassing daycare all together. I have left my wallet and my keys in the diaper bag and left them at daycare. I have forgotten my bra. I have made up my own words. And I have most definitely forgotten to put my eyebrows on in the morning. From what I have heard, this only gets worse.. joy. And don’t think you are in the clear dads!.. Dad brain is just as strong! Sometimes I think Brandon is worse than I am!

2. Sometimes showering doesn’t happen: I don’t even think it’s solely because you don’t have time. For me, there were nights and days where showering just seemed to hard and laying in bed for an extra 10 min was the better option.

3. Baby poop is weird: I mean… I have seen poop crumble, stick, smell like death, and create the devil of all diaper rashes all in one day. There are times where I am impressed with what Cheeks was able accomplish in 2 minutes. I have also learned that watching a baby poop is one of the more funny things your baby will do.

4. There is nothing worse than the car seat: I don’t know if it is just me, but every time we get out of a store and head to the car.. the moment I see that damn car seat dramatic music plays and taunts me in my head (you know the music I’m talking about.. the one that plays in Step Brothers when he sees his drums have been touched). Seriously though… I literally cannot wait for the day that Cheeks can put his own damn self in his car seat. Brandon and I just look at each other in a dead stare and eye fight over who gets to put him in the car. I have never seen two adults fight to shotgun putting the groceries in the trunk. “Oh! I got groceries! You get Cheeks!” boom. win.

5. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be on time: I think this goes hand in hand with mom brain. I feel like I never have everything completely in order.. most of the time I don’t. I will get Cheeks into the car and realize I had forgotten to pack his lunch, or forgotten the diaper bag, or my phone, or he will just decide to shit before takeoff. It’s a never ending battle and I have come to the realization that I.. will probably never be on time again.

6. Nothing is cooler than seeing your child develop: Watching Cheeks become his own individual has seriously been one of the coolest things I think I will ever go through. They learn their surroundings and what it is to live as a human and that’s just too cool. Cheeks laughed at himself the other day.. he truly cracked himself up! Watching him discover humor.. I loved it.

7. You’ll always think, “I created you..” and then cry: This might just be me… but man. I have had these moments with him where I just look into his eyes as he is smiling at me.. and melt. I’ll think of the whole pregnancy and development process and end up crying my eyes out because of how cool this whole process is. Woman have one of the most amazing gifts we could have been given, and that is creating life. I created that little man in my belly who just laughed at himself for making weird noises… it’s an emotional thing.

8. You’ll make a ton of rookie moves: It’s going to happen folks. Don’t beat yourself up about it.. move forward and wait for the next rookie move.

9. Family will become more important: For me, I have always been a family oriented person, but at the same time I have been a very independent person. After having Cheeks, I have found myself wanting to surround myself with family more. Creating a family unit has also become extremely important to Brandon and me. We want to create traditions, do more family activities, etc.

10. You will become a better you: This was a huge one for me this last year. I have changed a lot subconsciously and for the better. I matured when I needed to most, created stronger and more heartfelt relationships, and most importantly I have been able to love myself more than I ever have.

When they say time goes much faster after you become a parent, they are not lying. Take it all in.. breathe… and to enjoy every moment, good or bad.