First and foremost I want to take a minute and say thank you to all of the KS parents (new and seasoned) and KS-ers that have reached out to me and shared information, their stories, and support. It honestly wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I realized the number of followers I had gained, and it wasn’t until Friday evening that I realized people were actually reaching out! Exciting! Now that I know, I will respond much quicker 😀

Ok back to the fun stuff!

Last week we had Mr. Cheeks’s 1 year check up with his pediatrician! We were extremely excited to see how much he had grown!

Height and Weight:

He is 29 inches long (25th Percentile) and 21 lbs (20th Percentile). I thought it was kind of ironic that he was so low in his percentages considering XXY males are said to be tall..but hey! He’s short and fat and proud of that (brownie points to those of you who saw the Winnie The Pooh reference there)!

Body Development:

We had asked our pediatrician about the development of Cheeks’s penis. We are still running slightly smaller than average right now, but nothing that is concerning, which is great! We will discuss with his Endo our next steps with that in December.

Cheeks has 2 full grown teeth so far. It looks like his two front teeth are well on their way to breaking gum, with about 6 inching their way down with them. I feel bad for him, but in all honesty, he hasn’t been fussy at all (knock on wood).

Mental Development:

Mr. Cheeks has been walking for two months now and is pretty much a full time walking master! It seriously felt like all of a sudden he was just going. Now he is working on his running skills.. though he hasn’t quite learned how to balance that. There is much more falling then there is running!

Cheeks is babbling a storm – in his own language of course! As of today, he consistently says, “mom”, “dad’, ‘uh-oh”. Don’t let his silence fool you though, he understands mostly everything you say. He is very observant and soaks in everything.

Playing has really gotten good! Cheeks is a complete independent player and likes to play by himself. He has played a lot more the last couple of months and has gotten pretty creative. He is stacking toys together on furniture, he is taking all of his books out of the bin and putting them back, he is trying to figure out his song toys.. it has really been cute to see him play more.

So far, Cheeks is on a great track and normal to his age! This is great news and shows that our hard work is paying off.

We have his Endo apt in December where we will talk more about his KS and then we are waiting for the holiday season to be over so that we can take him to the SLC Children’s hospital for further testing and get better information from Dr.s who are more aware of KS. Really exciting.