I couldn’t believe my ears as I heard my girlfriend talk about a server at a restaurant who almost poured hot food over her sons head. As she kept on with her story I could feel her pain, her fear, and her maternal instinct. I prayed this would never happen to me…

Well… unfortunately my time had come.
Brandon, Cheeks, and myself were eating at popular burger restaurant over the weekend. We have eaten at this location many times before and have never had a problem receiving awesome servers and this time was no different, our server was the only good thing about our experience that night.
I was already a little on edge because our hostess had seated us A. at the worst table in the area (I am just one of those people who hate when other people are two feet away when we are eating) and B. at a table where the only spot for Cheeks’ high chair was smack dab in the middle of server traffic (I am very familiar with the restaurant life as I worked at a very popular steak house for 3 years back in the good ol days. This is not only annoying to me, but I know how annoying it is to the servers as well). So I am already in bitch mode.
As I mentioned above, my time had come. Our food was ready, and as usual, it was not our server giving us the food. The food runner and an obvious newbie clumsily walked up right behind Cheeks with her tray and hand only inches from his hair. She started serving us our giant hot burger plates..  She sets down my plate while keeping Brandon’s on the tray. She is trying to balance with one hand but all I could see was a shaky wrist and the tray unbalanced and wobbly…. OVER MY ONE YEAR OLD SON’S HEAD.
At this point I am fuming and just looking at her in disbelief.
I gently start to move her tray away from his head and firmly say, “Can you please NOT hover over my sons head with your tray?” We make eye contact, and instead of apologizing for being a fucking idiot (ya I said it), she ignores me and looks at me with her blank eyes like I am this crazy bitch woman. Was I? Fuck ya I was! Did I have every right to be? Yes, yes I did.
Moral of the story: Restaurant servers.. I completely understand how much of a pain in the ass serving can be –  I have been there, I have worked doubles, I have had horrible customers……. but please, for the love of God, do NOT hover your trays over babies.