As I sit on my comfy oversized couch eating Super Bowl snacks with my little family, I cannot help but to think of everything I still have to get done before the 4am taxi pick up. Tomorrow’s adventure… Hong Kong, China…. then straight from China to Australia.

I cannot express the excitement I have to finally (after years of dreaming of it) get out of the united states and head over seas! I have been very blessed with a career that sends me all over the states, but China? Australia? And Budapest?! Common!

There is only one small issue. I have never been away from my family for this long… and never this far. I have already had a breakdown..or two.. crying at the thought of being homesick.

So I decided to help myself feel better, I would give some tips to those of you who are traveling away from your children for the first time!

1. Make time to call or skype: Just hearing thr comforting voice of your spouse and kiddo can brighten your day and help ease the sad feelings.
2. Buy your family souvenir’s: I’m not sure why, but this always helps me feel closer to my family when I’m gone..(they are going to get a LOT of presents from China!)
3. Know that it’s not forever: You will be reunited soon! Don’t worry!
4. The older they are, the harder it is: I started traveling again at 4 months post partum. I felt that it was such a breeze when he was a newborn.. but now.. it’s sooo much harder to leave him 😦 be prepared for that.
5. Keep yourself as busy as possible: Go for walks around the hotel, site see, see a show… just try and keep your mind busy and not focused on missing your family.

Hopefully this advice helps someone.. I know I will be following these tips for the next two weeks!!