Hello!!!!! Yes, it has been way too long since my last blog post! We… (I).. have been extremely busy.
As most of you know, I travel a lot for my career, and the last couple of months I have been to 4 countries and one major city. Its been extremely hectic, but I am now slowing down a bit.
Here’s an update!

  • Cheeks has surpassed every expectation I had for his development.. After starting his daycare/preschool, I have noticed an excessive amount of growth in him! He is saying SENTENCES????!!! WHHAAA?? He is learning so much just being around other kids.. and I’m so excited we made the decision to put him into the school rather than keep him home with me.
  • We are no longer afraid of the bath.. in fact I cannot get him out of it!!! I will be writing a post about how we overcame the fear..
  • We are starting to potty train.. oi vey! I wasn’t expecting to do this until he turned 3..but here we are.. full force.. well.. the beginning stages anyways.. its about to get real. I’ll do a post about the signs he was showing when we knew it was time.
  • B and I are getting married on the 5th!!!! After 8 years… its about time! We are both extremely excited! Would you be interested in a post about why we waited so long?? leave a comment if you do.
  • I got a KS tattoo on my finger.. it has been really awesome to share and bring awareness with strangers and friends 😀 Its a conversation starter and its amazing!! Especially when I am overseas and get to start conversations all over the world.
  • Finally — we are going to Disneyland for our “family moon”after we get married.. and i will DEFINITELY be doing a post about that as well!

I’m so blessed and excited to come back to my blog and see that people are still reading, still sharing, and still following me after a long period of SILENCE.. I promise you this is the last of the silence!!