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Hey Everyone!!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have KS Buttons for sale – all proceeds will be donated to AXYS – An organization whose mission is to help individuals with one or more extra X or Y chromosomes and their families lead a fuller and more productive life. AXYS has also been an incredible help to our family personally and has ALWAYS been great support of our journey and my blog.

A little bit about how this all came about:

My husband and I are huge disney fans and have recently created a Social Club back in December. One of the main perks of joining such an amazing culture is the collection of pins and buttons and the amazing support everyone has for each other. We have decided to spread positive awareness by selling these buttons! Already we have had an overwhelming amount of orders from the disney community. It has seriously been awesome!


Buttons are:
1 1/2″ Round
$1.50 (includes shipping)
All proceeds donated to AXYS

Please email me with your order at:

As of this moment we are unable to ship overseas – BUT are looking for options to be able to do so! If you are overseas and would like to purchase – please email me to be put on “back order”.



Thank you all for your support!!


I am really excited to write this post, because we have hit an incredible amount of milestones the last 6 months or so!

A couple months ago, we had sought out an Early Intervention Service to get an evaluation done on Cheekies. For those of you out of the US or those who may not know what EIS is, the early intervention services help diagnose learning/development delays, autism, etc and provide therapy. Everything had been looking good for cheeks before the initial evaluation, but the services were free to us so we figured why not?
Our evaluation came back great, and there is no sign of autism or severe delay. We accepted the offer of speech therapy as well as occupational therapy because there were a couple delays in his speech (nothing crazy at all) and we are seeing slight issue with sensory in eating, sleeping, and excitement. Because of his diagnosis with KS, these services are covered by the state of Nevada and decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

12644764_10208714530964662_9223003356375886952_n.jpg(look how happy he looks here lol)

When we initially went in for the evaluation – we sensed that cheeks was a bit delayed with his words. He was saying a pretty good amount, but only on his time. He also wasn’t really putting two word sentences together. By the time we had our first speech therapy appointment, he has already progressed so much. Our therapist sees that once he goes over two words, he starts to mumble everything together. To me, I think his brain is still learning to think as fast as he talks. We have been working with him to express his words a lot more, and his therapist has been impressed with the amount of attention we have been giving him and his speech. In the past couple of months, he has progressed immensely and is starting to really say sentences and appropriately combining the words and the feeling. It has been amazing to see the progression.
Before we started with his therapist, we had taught Cheeks a couple sign language words to help him express his wants. After further discussion with the therapist, and especially after hearing and researching more information about the tip of the tongue phenomenon we have decided to really encourage more signs and Cheeks is really starting to progress in that as well! Super exciting and extremely proud of him 😀

(Helping mom cook pancakes)

With any two year old, eating is a struggle, a chore, and a frustration. I believe that a lot of what Cheeks is going through here is normal for his age. The problems we WERE facing – were that he didn’t want to eat anything really. We struggled to get him to eat anything but cereal bars. After really eliminating the bottle (yes that took longer than I wanted and he is still not completely weaned), we saw a big difference in his food intake, however we are still struggling to get him to eat more of a variety. We saw a nutritionist and she didn’t think that we had anything to worry about, so thats good!
I began to notice that we eats the most at lunch time at school, so I have been loading him up with everything in his lunch. As much food as I can get him to eat. Adding extra peanut butter to his sandwiches to get some more fat and protein in him, and really just making sure there is a good selection of nutrients of him.
We tried to get him to drink some meal replacement type protein packet things, but he wants digging the vanilla flavor. My worry right now is that he may not be getting enough protein. BUT, baby steps is all we can do. Our OT suggested that we don’t put a lot on his plate, and for dinner instead of putting everything on at once, bringing out each at a time. So we are trying a bunch of different stuff. One day he will just eat all 3 meals without a problem 😀


I think this is one of our bigger issues right now is Cheekies sleeping at night. We go through bouts of him waking up in the middle of the night screaming and then wanting to go downstairs to sleep on the couch.. and of course – mom has to sleep there too ha.
At first – and I’m still not taking it out of question, I thought that he was having night terrors. Our OT suggested limiting the nighttime TV and substituting with something else to see if that works. So we have a couple options there. I am also kind of noticing a pattern with his eating and his sleep. The last couple of nights he has woken up at about midnight/1am and I have noticed it was on a day where he didn’t eat much dinner. So I’m going to track that down and see what we can do. He may be waking up hungry? I don’t know. Lots of tracking when it comes to his sleeping issues.

Huge progress at daycare and at home with his pretend play. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time for personal satisfaction and I love that it has finally arrived! Cheeks LOVES to play with dinosaurs, cars, monsters (his personal fav), and really tries to bring you into his little play world. I love it!

Overall guys and gals, we couldn’t be happier with the way everything has been going with his development. I truly believe that love and support of the parents is what truly helps development happen and progress in kids. Get ahead of anything that may pop up, and continue to grow with your child 😀

And even after some of the negative that we have experienced with all of this the last year, I couldn’t be prouder of my son for all his milestones, and couldn’t be more prouder of B and I as parents.



Halloween is our favorite time of year. We love decorating the house and getting watching movies.. it’s our Christmas. Last year was tough because I just had Cheeks and we were scrambling to get moved and situated after the birth. This year, was just as stressful, but we were able to get all dressed up, decorated, and even took Cheeks trick or treating.. which was ADORABLE! I think next year he is going to enjoy it so much more!

We also went to the pumpkin patch as a family.. of course we went last minute and the weather was just not in our favor. It sucked actually. It was stupid windy and just kind of made it miserable for all of us, but we made the most of it and Cheeks really enjoyed the hay ride. We will definitely be doing that again!

10603651_10205255946382209_7917087351330699198_n 10421367_10205255944782169_2807634210540994052_n 1912395_10205255944542163_7215038830220150170_n 1899882_10205255949382284_7676495519321841741_n 10624880_10205296348192229_8458054936211197005_n 10632849_10205296096185929_563648148781553856_n 10636143_10205255946742218_1761216877591911775_n 10644984_10205296347832220_8285785293937444681_n 10676330_10205296348872246_7822436354740422458_n IMG_0142.JPG

It has been a crazy month for us and man do we have some great updates!

First and foremost, we have been accepted to take Mr. Cheeks to the Salt Lake City Children’s Hospital for further genetic/chromosome testing! We are extremely happy about this because I think we are finally going to be able to get some in depth information! I’m hoping that we can also have a solid plan on how to move forward from here with development and such. Super exciting!

Mr. Cheeks is a walking machine!!!! He finally gained the confidence and walked from me to the couch a couple weeks ago. My heart melted and we were extremely emotional about it. Not because he walked, but because of how proud he was of himself for finally doing it! Watching him grow into a little human is so amazing, and seeing him express pride for the first time was just too much. Now his confidence is through the roof and he is attempting left and right to get the whole walking game down. Right now he looks more like a drunk monkey, but hey! He is doing it!

Mr. Cheeks has been a talking animal! I love it! He is still a fairly quiet kid, but man he is starting to understand. He has been really good with talking to us, and also trying to repeat words. So far his list of words include: Mamma, Dad, Uh Oh, Owe, and Neenee (we aren’t exactly sure what that one means, we are thinking night night?).. who really knows!

I travel for work a couple of times out of the year. So far since Mr. Cheeks has been born, I have traveled about 4 or 5 times, this last time being the hardest.
I would have thought for sure that when he was smaller I would have been more upset while gone. But it seems as though as he grows older with more personality, it really makes traveling much more difficult.
I just recently got back from a short 2 day music conference in LA. I found myself more then ever trying to keep my mind busy so I would stop thinking about going home to be with my family. I missed playing and snuggling with my son…it was kind of sad. Sometimes I worry that I am going to miss something.. what if he magically starts crawling while I am away!? It is times like this where I truly wish I was A. Rich as shit, and B. capable of being a stay at home mom.

I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash by calling my child an asshole – but I just calls it likes I sees it.

It started at 1:30am. Fussy and then laughter. Not quite the asshole yet. I was able to get him back to sleep thank god. In the clear you say? Nope. 4:30am awake again. I put him in bed with me where he begins to just slap my face the whole time… And claw me with his raptor claws (I swear I have to trim those things twice a week). Asshole? No not quite –
Finally at 5am I get up (did I mention we just had the time change…. So my body is still at 4am?) and get his bottle ready. I start to feed him and what does he do?!! Fall asleep. Mid feed. I know what you’re thinking… Asshole? No not yet.

So now I’m awake and it’s too late for me to go to back to bed, so I’m watching tv. He is next to me peacefully sleeping – looking adorable – so I give him a little kiss on his forehead… And he scowls!!!! Straight up sleep mean mug?


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