It has been a crazy month for us and man do we have some great updates!

First and foremost, we have been accepted to take Mr. Cheeks to the Salt Lake City Children’s Hospital for further genetic/chromosome testing! We are extremely happy about this because I think we are finally going to be able to get some in depth information! I’m hoping that we can also have a solid plan on how to move forward from here with development and such. Super exciting!

Mr. Cheeks is a walking machine!!!! He finally gained the confidence and walked from me to the couch a couple weeks ago. My heart melted and we were extremely emotional about it. Not because he walked, but because of how proud he was of himself for finally doing it! Watching him grow into a little human is so amazing, and seeing him express pride for the first time was just too much. Now his confidence is through the roof and he is attempting left and right to get the whole walking game down. Right now he looks more like a drunk monkey, but hey! He is doing it!

Mr. Cheeks has been a talking animal! I love it! He is still a fairly quiet kid, but man he is starting to understand. He has been really good with talking to us, and also trying to repeat words. So far his list of words include: Mamma, Dad, Uh Oh, Owe, and Neenee (we aren’t exactly sure what that one means, we are thinking night night?).. who really knows!